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We are Sesh and Don...

Parents of 2, science teachers, app developers, transformational mindset coaches. As teachers and parents we have been to both sides of the fence and experienced the struggles that many are still facing today.




We have been there and back again and in doing that we have created a model for QUICK MINDSET HACKING. Teachers who range from UQTS to leadership have given testimonies to support that this model works. So how does it work…

  • We provide you with transformational models and tools we have developed to:

  • RE-PROGRAMME LIMITING BELIEFS to believe and achieve your highest intention

  • KICK-START YOUR DAY in just 30 minutes to provide you with an abundances of energy and a positive mindset

  • TO ACTUALLY HAVE MORE TIME to be with family and live while still being productive and elevating to your highest self.

We have gone deep and immersed ourselves in the ideologies of mindset models to bring you tools like:

  • Alpha journaling experiences that takes journaling to a whole new dimension by fully immersing your senses in an epic journey to creating your highest self.

  • Mindful journeys to bring you into the present moment where all possibilities exist to reach your true potential as a teacher, parent and ultimately a better person.

The question we leave you with is this…How good could life get?

Our story

Our Courses & Programs

Personal coaching

The transformational experience that you deserve when you choose to expand and go beyond who you are right now. Be the superhero of your life and embody the amazing personal, relationship, mindset and productivity development that moves you faster to the person you want to be!

Complete the clarity questionnaire to get access to your FREE 30 minute clarity coaching call!

Summer school for teachers

The journey begins 3 August to 31 August

The Summer school for teachers has been designed for teachers who want to change the effects of lock down on their mindsets, bodies and productivity. 

The program outline:


1. Introduction: introducing the aim and effects your will experience during the course when you are committed. 

Save time, learn how to maximise your time, become a leader of your life and help others feel less stress and anxiety through your positive energy and tools to hack mindset, resilience and productivity.

2. Intention setting: A powerful activation of your intention for the course and how your are investing in yourself. This includes the intention setting using affirmations, visualisation and binaural beats.

3. Organising the space: We teach you how to organise the space around you to encourage positive energy to flow through into your life.


1. The habit hacking hack

Learn how to introduce new habits without feeling like you have lost something precious in the process of building healthy habits.

2. Creating a 30 minute morning ritual that saves you hours, creates more time for you!

Starting with an Alpha journal experience for an amazing day.

3. Learn how too embody gratitude in every part of your day with mini, yet effective hacks.

BONUS: Video on OUR full intermittent fasting ritual and eating habits that helped me lose 23kgs and stop type 2 diabetes.

RECIPES! Go low carb on a budget!


1. Mindfulness in action. 

Learn how to use mindfulness to bring yourself back to centre and influence others in a positive manner to have a wonderful day. ALL the hacks to upgrade your mindset!

2. Using meditation in the most effective way and using our Mindful journeys to honour your time effectively.

BONUS: The Alpha Mode Activation video


1. Resilience like a superhero

Hacking resilience through identifying your challenges and realigning through effective journal experiences.

2. The reflection journal experience that will instantly help you during times where you feel a dip.

BONUS: Hacking relationships to align with your best self using positive affirmations and visualisation.

What do you get during the group coaching sessions?

Private Group Coaching Facebook tribe

A supportive network of like minded individuals with the ability to encourage and keep you accountable to make exceptional progress.

Being able to have this tribe during your journey is the most important part of the mindset re calibration model.

Weekly LIVE Group coaching call £200 x 3

We go deeper with the weeks Call to Action in order to help you understand and embed your new mindset and answer and of your questions LIVE. 

The power of working in a group of aligned people amplifies the positive change that you are trying to make in your life and making a greater impact on others.

Use this time to ask questions about your development and to share your wins!

Group specific meditation MP3 £200

Created specifically for the group using 432Hz binaural beats, the universes vibration to help you align with your vision and train your subconscious mind. Using sensory stimulation and combining mindfulness, affirmations, visualisations to create the equivalent of 3 hours of silent meditation for 1 week!

Be THAT person connected with their calm state of mind. Able to make propelled, visionary decisions by committing to yourself and being an inspiration to your own tribe.

2 of our exclusive Mindful Journeys MP3s

-Mindful walking

-Mindful bed time tuck in

The new trend is we are being told to be more mindful Play with daily experiences by adding more mindfulness into a simple walk. Use this time to reflect in the moment and  amplify the time you have by creating a positive atmosphere around yourself, resonating to the people around you.

£100 each

The Habit Hacking, Personal Vision and Intention setting Frameworks

The same frameworks both Don and I use to create our vision for our life and relationships.

Fall in love with creating new habits easily, in flow and without feeling like you are losing and being disadvantaged. Use these new habits to re-calibrate your life to become more productive, happy and present.



The Original Alpha Mode activation £50

Get super calm and focused during stressful situations where you cant dedicate extended time top meditate.

Created for quick, mindful activation for a burst of positive Alpha waves to leave you feeling

Total Value £1200

100% Value

90% off the price

Challenge week special: £197

SALE ends 31 July 2020

Alpha journaling experience

Still in its Beta stage, we couldn’t wait to share this with you with you!

Journaling is probably the most underutilised tool of reflection. By accessing the power of intentional journaling, we teach you how to align with your goals and focus on your passion and joy through journaling. We also provide growth access so that any bumps in your day can be addressed on the most positive way possible using our unique journaling process. We want to empower you and show you that done the right way, journaling can change your life.

The Alpha Journal experience includes:

  • Access to the beta journal digital copy.

  • 10 day immersive journaling course that guides you with a video on how to truly maximise your 10 minutes of journaling.

Are your ready to access the power of journaling? Sign up here...

The circle of alphas app

Designed to help as many teachers as possible, the app focuses on some of our core hacks and practices that we use too! Since we started teaching, these tried and tested hacks have help us and so many others to get out of a negative spiral and promote positive mindset growth in what we felt to be extremely stressful challenges. We wanted to share this with YOU because we value teachers and their well being SO DAMN MUCH!

Follow the link here to access your app on iOS or Android!


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Upcoming Events

  • Mindfulness monday and WINNERS announced
    Mon, Jul 13
    Jul 13, 2020, 7:00 PM
    All things mindful and how to receive the events of the day in the best way possible before responding.
  • Sunday state of mind
    Sun, Jul 12
    Jul 12, 2020, 7:00 PM
    Setting the intention for the week ahead to go into work fearlessly, like a rock star approaching the stage.
  • Family time
    Sat, Jul 11
    Jul 11, 2020, 7:00 PM
    The importance of spending time with people who are important to you.
  • Friday My day
    Fri, Jul 10
    Jul 10, 2020, 7:00 PM
    Reflection and self care.
  • The winning stack
    Thu, Jul 09
    Jul 09, 2020, 7:00 PM
    Stacking small wins to remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be.
  • Alpha Journaling Experience
    Wed, Jul 08
    Jul 08, 2020, 7:00 PM
    A taster of the journaling experience.
    Tue, Jul 07
    Jul 07, 2020, 7:00 PM
    How simple breath work, affirmations and visualisation to start our day in the best frequency possible. BONUS: What to do in a sudden dip to get back to gratitude.