Summer school for teachers

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The group is confined to 20 members so we can go deep and support ALL members


Private Group Coaching Facebook tribe

A supportive network of like minded individuals with the ability to encourage and keep you accountable to make exceptional progress.

Being able to have this tribe during your journey is the most important part of the mindset recalibration model.


Weekly LIVE Group coaching call £200 x 3

We go deeper with the weeks Call to Action in order to help you understand and embed your new mindset and answer and of your questions LIVE. 

The power of working in a group of aligned people amplifies the positive change that you are trying to make in your life and making a greater impact on others.

Use this time to ask questions about your development and to share your wins!


Group specific meditation MP3 £200

Created specifically for the group using 432Hz binaural beats, the universes vibration to help you align with your vision and train your subconscious mind. Using sensory stimulation and combining mindfulness, affirmations, visualisations to create the equivalent of 3 hours of silent meditation for 1 week!

Be THAT person connected with their calm state of mind. Able to make propelled, visionary decisions by committing to yourself and being an inspiration to your own tribe.


2 of our exclusive Mindful Journeys MP3s

-Mindful walking

-Mindful bed time tuck in

The new trend is we are being told to be more mindful Play with daily experiences by adding more mindfulness into a simple walk. Use this time to reflect in the moment and  amplify the time you have by creating a positive atmosphere around yourself, resonating to the people around you.

£100 each


The Habit Hacking, Personal Vision and Intention setting Frameworks

The same frameworks both Don and I use to create our vision for our life and relationships.

Fall in love with creating new habits easily, in flow and without feeling like you are losing and being disadvantaged. Use these new habits to re-calibrate your life to become more productive, happy and present.



The Original Alpha Mode activation £50

Get super calm and focused during stressful situations where you cant dedicate extended time top meditate.

Created for quick, mindful activation for a burst of positive Alpha waves to leave you feeling


Total Value £1200

100% value

90% off the price

Challenge week special: £197 


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