Even when it feels like you’ve lost your edge or struggling to find who you are in the scheme of life over the last few months!








So you thought you would be using the time spent in lockdown for creating lesson plans, being more present in your family life, eating and exercising or planning for world domination in a business idea you have been toying with but didnt have the time before, but in truth it feels like you’ve been wasting precious time scrolling facebook or netflix.


Maybe you were going to use the time to be ahead of everyone else and be prepared before starting work again or making time for your self development, but instead you’re more confused than you were before about how to "make" time for all that while juggling the kids and cleaning up after them.


You’ve been doing all the "right" things and still not getting any traction or action in having a better mindset, health or making more time, or the income you currently have is limiting you from experiencing the good things in life. To the point where, you’re secretly wondering if its just not in the cards for you.



At the start of lockdown when you heard that you will have to be isolated and you would have time for yourself, you already set the intention for finally being able to avoid distractions and commit to your self development and family life. Something hasn’t quite taken shape, and you’re thinking "what the hell do I need to do next to start achieving my intentions" to feel like my amazing self again.



Well my lovely, I am here to serve you by giving you tools to gain clarity once and for all start making it freakin' well happen for you, so join me for a free one hour masterclass on Wednesday 15 July 2020. 



In this supercharged transformation hour we are going to snap the lid off and equip you with tools to be mindful, resilient and productive all in one session to overcome whats been holding you back from taking control of your life and feeling ready for any challenge you may face.

You’ll learn:

How daily meditation clears your mind and recreates a reality that you see for your higher self.

That journaling is more than just a pen meeting paper and we show you how to utilize this amazing strategy to benefit you and your life in every dimension.

The science behind breathing techniques and the link between clear thinking and controlling your breath work.

Why exercising for hours is a waste of time and how to improve your current exercise routine to maximise the results.

How intermittent fasting and removing sugar from your diet makes your body switch from carbohydrates to fat as its energy source.

How to redesign your meal plans and an over view on how to improve and level up your food shopping list.

Why reconstructing yourself attracts better partners and simple relationship hacks that can spice up your connection with your other half or tools to attract the best partner for you.

The tools that can remodel your reality to manifest the best version of yourself.

And as a bonus you will learn about the BACK TO THE FUTURE PROJECT I keep for my one-to-one clients which will rocket fuel the rest of this year for you into a glorious 2021 and beyond.

This free masterclass is for you if:

You are so done with doing waking up in the morning with little to no energy to do any activity.

You're doing the "work" and still feel like you have no time and have wasted it on things that wasn't even necessary.

It feels like you're eating the wrong food and you dont know what is the right food, and even when you find the right food its not even in your budget to eat it.

There are points in your day where you question being with you other half for what ever reason.

Theres so much on your mind that you get fraustrated at yourself and you cant breath because its just too much to handle on your own.

Theres nothing in your life to be grateful for and you cant find a reason to improve yourself and create a reality that transforms you into your higher self.

You cant remember the last time you had time to have a mindful discuss with your kids or kids because you forgot who you wanted to be(the best version of yourself).

You are ready to understand the importance of transforming yourself to recreate your reality and bend the rules to achieve your mission and calling

You are ready to get underneath what’s really holding you back so you can finally ditch the doubt and block the naye sayers once and for all.

Why now?

The plane truth of it is, having had this time in lockdown where I have had a baby in a time where there was uncertainty as to my husband being there when our baby was being born to making concious decisions to cut off family members who are narcissists and anchors in my reality, I have recreated myself and my reality and I want to share these tools with you to elevate and recreate the highest version of you.

I’ve used this time to create a framework that gives your tools and schematic to rejuvinate, renew and repair yourlife because at the most microscopic level we are all made up of the same type of cells and it is possible to be better and improve and finally saying goodbye to the things which are holding you back.

And that’s why I am here,  to serve you by giving you tools to get focused and realise how beautiful life can be. In this masterclass I am going to get dirty with you the things I have cleared out of the way for myself and my clients, which has allowed us all to get LEVEL UP and elevate to have more time, eat better, have better relationships, have a clear mind and manifest your ULTIMATE life full of joy and love.