I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today...

A little annoyed with the world because... No idea why! Less sleep maybe?

And whilst I can label it "one of those days" and accept it and let the feeling filter through, and ride that wave of reasoning, I'm choosing to go back to bed and check myself before I wreck my day.

Fast forward to 20 minutes later.. and I'm watching the sunrise whilst feeding Lil Zen!

Wonderful, mindful start to our day (so what if I had to do a double take!)

Sometimes, when you wake up on the "wrong side of the bed", take yourself back to bed! Breathe, think of why you are grateful to be alive and then wake up again. No need to let the negativity filter throughout your day.

And if it does happen, that's totally okay! What we need to have is tools at our disposal to accept and deal with the dips effectively so that we don't stay stuck for too long.

What's your one special way to recalibrate your morning/day? I would love to know!

The beauty of a new day is you get to choose how you respond!




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