Today was a difficult day...

I walked out of a class because I'd been pushed to almost breaking point. I walked out to keep my sanity and calm down because I'd raised my voice and got very frustrated with the class as they decided to crowd around me and shout at me.

Honestly,this never happens to me.

But I've been unwell,I'm 7 months pregnant and had some really dramatic 'family' s*** go down in the last couple of weeks and I kept calm throughout.

Today, I lost my calm demeanor because I realised I've given SO much of me to these students and to the job that they did not appreciate it one bit.I let myself feel upset because I am human.I am allowed to.

8 years ago, when I started teaching, this would have floored me.

Today, I can proudly say that I took myself out of a stressful situation safely, found help and calmed down. I cried a bit and that's okay. I used my inhalers, meditated, focused on my small wins and repeated my personal mantra several times... then, I got back up and walked down to my room for the next lesson.

I walked back, head up because...

8 years ago I didn't know what I know now.

8 years ago, I wasn't equipped to deal with days like this.

8 years ago my mindset had no tools to back me up.

It took 8 years to get me to this point...

And I am freakin proud of me!


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