What do you need right now?

I could tell you about great resources or brilliant online teaching strategies. I could share my stories and hopefully get your attention that way.

But I know you, I know the fear and worry about being on the frontline until told otherwise... I know the panic of hearing a student cough and trying to keep calm and call for them to be picked up, I know what happens to your heart when you open your register or look at the cover list.

What you need, what I need... Is to ground our mindsets to a place of security and strength. For ourselves, our children and families.... We need to be strong and realign with our most amazing self. THAT is who will get you through this. Not the victim or follower but you as a leader of your own life.

Let me help you work on that mindset, so that you can live and thrive during these challenging times.

I'm coach Sesh, and I'm here to support all the "New" teachers and anyone who is needing a boost out of fear and into a positive reality!

DM me if you want to chat more about how I can help you!!


Coach Sesh

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